I ordered a pkg from QVC and UPS would not leave it at neighbors apt even though it was in next bldg.When I went to UPS facility I was told that it was at drivers discretion to leave it not., so instead of leaving pkg UPS came to my apt 3 times and could have left pkg on second trip.

It was a wedding gift and I couldn't get it in time to leave for wedding.

This is lousy service from a company that I have trusted for over 40 yrs.From now on it will bEe FEDEX OR USPS.


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do you think the driver can just go to 2 addresses for 1 package? That's not a cost effective or productive way to operate a business. You could have paid for the reroute to the alternate address, problem solved.

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The UPS driver has no responsiblity to leave a package other than where the label indicates.It is not a choice for him.

Knowing you wouldn't be home, you as the reciever could have made arrangements to have it held for pick up at the hub, or at a UPS Store.Regardless I am sorry it didn't make the wedding.

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