Ingleside, Texas

My package was delivered to the wrong address. It was signed for by someone I do not know and cannot locate.

No one to ask at UPS. I have no recourse with UPS. There is no one to complain to. Obviously the driver delivered my package to the wrong address.

The only thing I know to do is find every forum I can to spread the word about what a sorry excuse for a company that UPS is.

I will never have anything shipped by UPS again and use every opportunity to tell folks that they are incompetent. Thank you

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I'm on the opposite end here! I have handed my correct package but the carrier had me sign the wrong form!

Now a stranger thinks I have his Medication package but I truly DO NOT! :upset He's very mad at me. He called the police and they interviewed me! Very inconvenient and embarrassing to have a police officer show up at your work place!

In the end, UPS truly did have me sign the wrong thing, but it was on the electronic device only asking for a signature and nothing more! UPS had his package sitting in the delivery room the whole time! What waste of time and energy! I do not like being accused of lying and stealing!

GRRRRRR!!! :sigh I'm never signing for anything again!


I had this happen several times and in instance the UPS people crossed out the address and put a different one in. Why, I will never know. I try not to order from any company that uses only UPS because when I receive boxes, they are usually banged up.


Simple solution. If you wanted the package delivered to you you should have had your parents check the order form filled out before you sent it.


What do you mean, no recourse? If something is misdelivered, you get a refund.

It happens all the time. You may have to go through the company you ordered it from, but it's totally refundable.


if you have the receipts, find out which driver took it elsewhere and keep pestering UPS.

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