Ogden, Utah

I ordered a package that was shipped through ups. I tracked the package and it said it was supposed to be delivered Thursday January 2nd.

I was home all day and no package came to my door but I received an email confirming my package was delivered and it said left at door and signed by REL 4Y9. I'm very upset because I double checked the address I wrote and it was the correct one but I saw the ups truck drive away and I know for a fact

The careless *** delivered my package to the wrong apartment and now I won't ever see it.

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I would encourage everyone experiencing delivery problems with UPS to contact your shipper and request that they tag your account with UPS as least preferred delivery company. Amazon has done this for me after 4 late/misdelivered shipments handled by UPS. This is the only way UPS will get the message that customer service counts.


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