Heuvelton, New York
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A package was shipped to me by UPS. It was to be delivered on 10/1/18.

When I got home from work on 10/1/18 the package was not there. On 10/2/18 I checked the tracking # is indicated that the package was delivered on 10/1/18. When I got back to my home on 10/2/18 still no package!!! I asked 2 people if a package had ben delivered they said no.

I call the local UPS center, after a short time on hold they told me he had found my package, The driver delivered it to my neighbor. I ask why he said that the hand held device the driver uses directs him to within 50' of the address and the driver delivered the package to the wrong house.

He then told me that he would have a driver pick up the package on 10/3 and deliver it to my house. On 10/3 when I returned home from work still no package!!!!!!! So I called UPS and talked to the same person that I talked to on 10/2.

He said I glad you called to remind me this was almost 5pm He said he would call a driver to pick up the package and call me back by 6pm. No driver came and no call so I called him, he told me that the driver was out of the area and the pickup would be done on 10/4. On 10/4 about 11am I called UPS to remind them about the package. The person I talked to said they would have a driver do the pickup.

When I got home from work about 4:30pm still no package. I called UPS talked to them they told me they send a driver over.

A UPS truck pulled up about 1/2 hr latter. after talking to me and making a phone call he went to the house next door finding no package and no one home. He made a phone call and told me that a UPS supervisor would be calling me then he left.

After 1/2 hr passed with no call from UPS I tried calling them on the phone I had used to call in the past. Kept getting busy signal, after 4 try's I used my cell and got through.

Talked to them about what was going on all they would say is that they will try again on 10/5 to pick up the package, that could not break into the house next door to get the package. For all I know it may never had been delivered, may have been stolen off the steps

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Put number on your house or near driveway visible from roadside.


happened to us 3 times!!!!!!