Package arrived in my state and then was delayed for "weather" it didn't even rain! Now going on day three with no update as to when it will show. Meanwhile my customer sits waiting, who looks bad...ME! Thanks for doing such a great job at holding my package and giving no updates as to when it "might" be delivered. Hopefully it comes in one piece, not like you guys ever deliver anything broken. What a joke ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah

What can Brown do for you? Apparently nothing!!!

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Plano, Texas, United States #781844

Did you stop to think that the weather delay may be at the point of origin......in other words, where you ordered it from?? Just because you have good weather doesn't mean everybody does. BTW, rain is usually not a factor in a weather delay.

to Bob Atlanta, Georgia, United States #782526

Did you read the post. It state the package arrived in the state and then was now being delayed for weather.

It has nothing to do with the point of origin.

In Atlanta this happening quite often. Packages sit in the distribution center for days with no change in delivery status and CS is unable to provide any updates.

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