It seems that we should avoid UPS like the plague in holiday season. Start now!

I was out last night but received confirmation of a delivery at 7:14pm. When I arrived home there was nothing. My neighbors had nothing. Apparently the package was left in full view of passing people and has mysteriously disappeared.

I am now going to waste hours of my time, the shipper's time and maybe ebay's time getting this mess cleared up. Out usual UPS guy is great, but until after the holidays I suggest boycotting UPS.

Good luck, happy holidays and successful deliveries, just request peiople don't ship via UPS!

Monetary Loss: $350.

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If the package was insured ($100 automatically) it might not be UPS's fault but it is their problem. You or the shipper should file a claim

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #753648

Not the fault of UPS. Either you or the shipper should have requested that it needed a signature, otherwise they leave them at the door.

Everybody knows that during holiday season thieves follow delivery trucks for that very reason. If I order anything, I either ship it to my office or make sure someone is home - I never lost a package.

to MikeBrady #756014

well are you not the special one?

to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #760130

My mom says I am,

to MikeBrady New York, New York, United States #760128

Yes, how nice for you, you have life all figured out.

to anonymous New York, New York, United States #760131

No. Just how to handle ordering a package and getting it.

But millions already do that so I can't really take credit. But thanks anyway!

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