I shipped a box home containing ceramics and glasses. Everything was wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrap and placed inside a box with peanuts for extra protection and the box was marked fragile.

When the box arrived, it was all smashed and the contents was destroyed. The UPS driver could not believe the condition of the box. I filed a damage complaint and followed UPS guidelines. They picked up the package to do a damage investigation.

After 10 days and not hearing anything, I called UPS who advised me that when their investigation is done, they notify the store where it was shipped from and do not notify the people involved. I immediately called the store who said UPS declined the claim because they felt it wasn't packaged well enough.

What a rip off. Next time I'll use FEDEX.

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764365

Should have used FED Ex from the start! UPS is the worst for damaging things.

There claims dept is a joke, as well. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.


Yes, I do work for UPS.

You had each individual glass wrapped in a minimum 2" of bubble wrap,(not the dime store stuff, but the wrap with the large bubbles) each ceramic piece wrapped the same?

You had MINIMUM of 2" of space filler on the top and bottom, and all 4 sides?

Regardless if the boxis marked fragile, that means nothing, as the boxes will travel on up to 30 miles of belts, and the belts can't read.

Had it been wrapped in the above manner, it would have stood a better chance of not being damaged, but i doubt it was.

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