I will never return to UPS store #4217 regardless if I have a pre paid label. I would rather pay any amount of money to Fed Ex, or anyone other than UPS, in order to get good customer service.

The owner of store #4217, Michael Gibbon, on every occasion I have gone into his store has been rude and has a disgusting attitude. The first time, I figured he must have had a bad day. The 3rd time I received the same ugly smart-*** remarks from him did it for me. He became annoyed with me because I wanted to use the packing tape sent to me in the pre paid box instead of his roll of tape.

I got the huffing and puffing and his eyes rolled at me. And He'd a Grown Man in his 50's.

I asked for another attendant to help me instead and he told me "No, He's not going to help you!" An OWNER/MANAGER talking to a customer like this?? I won't go there again!!

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I'd have to disagree with all of you. Being a very loyal customer first hand I know the attitude of the owner very well.

The only time he ever gets an attitude wit a customer is when the customer is giving him atitude, and or acting completely ***. If he gave you attitude 3 times you must be a complete ***, otherwise he would have been warm and welcoming to you.


It's true. The owner of this store has an attitude problem. I was glad to read a little affirmation of my own thoughts in this thread.


Maybe a class action lawsuit would solve the problem..


It seem's that there are tons of complaints about UPS and it also seems like nobody cares because the attidudes they have and the way they commit fraud by selling insurance and damage the packages and then rufuse to honor the claims is going unheard..Its ashame in this day and age this continues to happen...I will never use UPS again and i was shipping about 150 items a month,I will give my Business to FEDEX...


I agree bad customer service. They trashed my package and didn't have the courtesy to even contact me.

I'll never use UPS store in Lagrange again. UPS needs to pull this franchise.


ups in brooklyn ny.are @ssholes.they took my xbox tampered with it removed the safety seals and gave me a broken unit.this was the @sshole at store 4844.dont use them.use fedex instead.avoid like aids!

Bialystok, Podlaskie, Poland #44413

The guy's a ***, no way to put it nicely.

I hope he gets what he's been giving.

Maybe he'll get hit by something big...

Boring, Oregon, United States #7809

I totally agree. I haven't been back there in two years due to the same attitude.

I received a mild version of this treatment, but it was enough to turn me off completely.

I never once had a problem with any of the delivery people that come to my business, but I will never use the UPS store for anything again.

BTW I have worked in a customer service postion for the past 10 years and have dealt with every sort of P.O. person and never had to get nasty with any of them.

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