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Because of unexpected illness, I had to sell tickets to an NFL game which I had originally purchased via Stub Hub. In order to re-sell the tickets, I (located in Chicago area) had to overnight the tickets to the Stub Hub of the city where the NFL game was taking place (St. Louis). Because the Stub Hub city office was located in a St. Louis UPS Store, I felt relatively safe shipping the package overnight (for Saturday delivery) to the UPS Store in St. Louis. I mean, I'm shipping via UPS to a regional UPS store in St. Louis, what could go wrong using UPS as the carrier.

Well just about everything that could go wrong did go wrong. While my overnight package arrived in St. Louis the next day Saturday, the UPS driver tried to deliver to the UPS the store before 8 a.m. The store was closed and did not open until 10:00 a.m.

I was notified by Stub Hub that they did not have receipt of the tickets, which I thought was impossible because I had the tickets shipped via overnight Saturday delivery from one UPS Store to another UPS Store. Stub Hub was told by UPS that the tickets were delivered prior to the stores opening (at 10 a.m.)and they could not re-deliver the package, and absolved themselves of liability.

After calling UPS Customer service on Saturday, they informed me that there was nothing they could do for me, and if I wanted a refund, I had to go back to the UPS store where I shipped the tickets from. After calling on Saturday and telling the UPS Store clerk over the phone of my predicament, I was informed that they could issue me a refund; I just had to wait until open of business on Monday morning.

So Monday morning, I walk into the UPS Store with my receipt expecting to receive a full refund for the Saturday delivery service which was never made and I was told that they could not issue me a refund because UPS the delivery service attempted to deliver the package and it was not their fault that the store was not open to receive my package.

So basically, not only am I out of the money I could have potentially earned on selling the tickets, I also was not issued a refund for the lack of Saturday delivery service. I've been given the run around not only by the UPS Store locally here in the Chicago area, but also by UPS Customer Service.

The local UPS store told me they are not affialted with UPS shipping and it’s not their fault the package did not arrive at the UPS store in Saint Louis and therefore, the is nothing they could do for me.

I've decided to take it upon myself to do whatever I can to get the word out of UPS's deceptive advertising of overnight Saturday delivery service. My receipt specifically says Next Day Air with added Service Options.

How can UPS shipping not know the operating times of the UPS Store? I don't understand that.

At the very least, I would like a refund for the cost of the Saturday delivery service of $45.16. I paid for a UPS Service at a UPS Store and UPS did not provide me the service I paid for. I would also like to complain about the loss of potential revenue that would have arisen with the ticket sales.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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UPS has customers pay $45 plus for a Saturday delivery. They had no issue taking the money from the poor customer - and therefore, they should have no issue giving a refund for their lack of reliability.

Otherwise do not offer the service. I agree with the person who commented UPS drivers know the hours of the local UPS stores, they should and they do.

What a crock to say the package was delivered before the store opened and they are not responsible for the non-delivery of the pacakge...

I would expect more from a multi-billion dollar company. The lesson is to next time use a different shipping service.


According to the UPS store website, the sender is eligible for a refund.

For those of you leaving the smarmy "UPS does not own UPS stores" comments, get a grip.

We all know darn well the local driver knows the hours of the local UPS store, dont be ***.

What happened was the package did NOT get to the destination on time, they did NOT try to deliver it, but used the "store wasnt open" excuse to hide what really happened.


Thats unacceptable, they have to deliver within the posted business hours. You should call and make it a corporate concern for the St.

louis failure. I guarantee you the Ups store got a refund on your package


UPS does not own the stores.

They are independent businesses free to set their own hours, UPS has no say in what hours they are open, nor can they dictate the hours the stores are open.

It is up to the individual owner of each store.


Terrible customer service. I can't believe UPS will not take care of you.

What business is open before 8AM for delivery!

I will think twice about using them next time. I would expect poor service from Fedex, not UPS.


UPS is facilitating the delivery of its package to one of its stores to another UPS store. UPS is responsible for it's driver. As long as both the driver and the store both have the UPS logo - UPS should insure it was delivered properly.

@UPS is a Failure

UPS stores are not UPS


So, the driver is to sit around for 2 hours and miss making serivce on others just to get yours delivered?


Bottom line - as a UPS store delivering to another UPS store using UPS as the carrier - I would expect UPS to know the hours of their own stores. So yes...thats a small expectation when one is spending upwards of $45 for a UPS service not provided.

Its called customer service. Wake up.


Why should you get a refund?

The Driver met the obligation to attempt delivery, no one was there.

It is not the fault of UPS that the business was closed.

You send something to another person that requires a signature, and they are not home, you would be on here demanding a refund because the other party did not get their shipment ?


he should get a refund! UPS should deliver within the posted business hours, however with the price he paid it sounds like he shipped it e.a.m which is a before 830 delivery lol

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