New York, New York
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Overnight package has been out for delivery on the truck since 9:32AM yet was never delivered. Called at 8:30PM and agent says it's because of the holiday so it's still out for deliver and I will received it today.

Okay...10:20PM called again. Agent says the truck is not back to the facility yet and is still out for delivery. I told him it's almost 10:30PM, are you seriously telling me that the driver will ring the doorbell and wake everyone up to deliver the package after 10:30PM. He says "Yes it's going to be deliver today.

If you don't want to be woken up, I can send a message to tell the driver not to deliver today." It's now 11PM, still no doorbell ringing or knocking. UPS should stand for Urgent Parcel Storage.

I waited all day so I know no attempt of delivery was ever made. One would assume that if it's an overnight package it should be here already, but I guess what can you expect from a company that doesn't care about their customers or their employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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