I ordered a package on the 12th and paid 25 extra dollars for overnight shipping. It was an xbox console for my husband for valentine's day.

I got an email the morning of the 13th saying that shipping was delayed because of bad weather and in all fairness it was bad weather. So valentine's day morning I wake up to an email saying my package will be delivered that afternoon between 10-3:30. The time comes and goes and nothing so I call ups and am told that they are backed up because of the holiday and it will be delivered by 5 pm. Still no package so I call back and am told that it would be there by end of day which is 7 pm and honestly I am not holding my breath at this point.

Sure enough no package. I call them and they say that because of the weather my package would be delivered on Saturday. Saturday morning I wake up to yet another email stating that it would be Monday so I call again. They say that they would deliver my package on Saturday if I paid another 25 dollars for a Saturday delivery fee.

At this point I already paid $400 for the xbox and shipping and I told him I will wait until Monday but I would like to speak with a supervisor. He says sure and tells the so called supervisor I am transferring her to you. The *** supervisor doesn't answer the phone so I leave a message with my name, phone number and email and don't hear anything back. I just checked the status of my package and it says exception: emergency conditions outside of ups' control delivery status is unavailable.

If I do not receive my package tomorrow which is only 20 minutes from my house I will be at their store to pick it up myself. This company is a joke and they are scamming people into paying even more money on top of the hard earned money they already paid and ruining people's holidays. I had to tell my husband that I ordered him something and he will hopefully get it on Monday.

I wanted it to be a complete surprise and they ruined it. I will never use UPS again.

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