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Click the shipping cost estimate before you print the ticket: UPS is charging a fuel surcharge of around $3 for fuel increases that occurred years ago. Now that prices have dropped over a $1 in the last year, UPS has not dropped the fuel surcharge. Why not? Apparently it's because the customers haven't noticed or because UPS keeps the charges so cleverly hidden.

Also, UPS charges you an extra $2 for them to deliver to a residence! Why is that? They give zero answers as to why residences are penalized.

USPS does the same delivery at $5 less

In February 2015, I contacted UPS about both these issues: for the fuel surcharge, they simply cut-and-paste a four year old explanation about high fuel prices; for the resident penalty, they do not respond

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Nashville, Tennessee, United States #953647

I absolutely CRINGE when I find out something I've ordered is being sent via UPS!! In the last year I cannot tell you how many issues I have run into and money wasted on what was supposed to be a two or three day shipment.

I have been hung up on, yelled at by their customer service, had perishable items perish because I didnt receive them in time, and now....can't get the driver to even attempt to enter a secured building....probably because he doesn't want to actually get out of his truck and take an elevator up six floors to make the delivery. I have had zero problems with any other delivery service. UPS???!!! Helloooooo???

Are you reading the thousands of complaints you have out there?? I almost didn't bother to type this when I saw so many others just like mine but felt I needed to join the masses of let down clients!

For God's sake UPS...get your sh%t together!!! Ugh!

Dallas, Texas, United States #952782

Business stops are locaed more closely to each other, whres Residential stops are located blocks and sometimes miles apart.

Put another way, a Driver can make many more Business stops per hour than Residential stops.

Therefore, fewer Residential stops per hour mean a higher cost for the Company to deliver Residentials.

With the fuel surcharge, I cannot tell you why the Execs in Headquarters do not adjust it when the price of fuel goes down.

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