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UPS Account Number: V3080A

At about 12.25 pm today a UPS courier arrived to collect my HTC phone for return for repair.

I asked him to wait while I went back downstairs to collect my package which was addressed and only requiring a waybill from the courier.

He shouted to me he had a hundred packets to collect and couldn't wait.

I called back I was coming and when I got back to the door he had LITERALLY, run away.

This man is not fit to be working working with the public. I called HTC and they said they would talk to UPS. A few minutes later they called me back and said UPS would call me within an hour.


Which they did just now (12.58) and promised a new collection by 5pm.

If this gets brushed under the carpet I'll post it on every site I can think of. I'll never use UPS again.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #757712

It's Christmas season and those guys are already overworked. They are out there well into the evening.

And you want the guy to stand around while you retrieve a package that you KNEW they were coming for and should have been by the door.

Then you have the nerve to complain when they resolved it so quickly. Why don't you at least wait until five?

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