Mountain View, California
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I'm sure all of you know how expensive it is to rent a 10 x 10 booth at national tradeshow. UPS lost the box with all of our materials, brochures, etc. while delivering at least the booth and the LCD monitor. OK, first show day out of three using Kinko's printed black & white product brochures was bad enough, but same day, a new box of materials was hand carried to the UPS hub in Sunnyvale, CA by 11:30am for 8am Next Day Air. THEY LOST THAT ONE TOO!

Last scan showed the Next Day Air box arrived at the Kentucky hub and then vanishes.

Calling UPS remind me of calling any unionized shop like any state office, the DMV, et al. Sure they have some empathy, but their Terms & Conditions prevent them from really doing any good. LIKE EXPENSING OUR LOST MATERIALS! Thousands of dollars of full bleed, triple fold out, glossy brochures.... all vanished.

Unions are destroying this nation one day, one worker, one transaction at a time.

If you don't want to work hard or be accountable, then stay home on the dole.

Otherwise, get out of the way and let those who DO want to work do the job!

How *** hard is it to take a box from place to another? If you're a union goon, the answer is VERY DIFFICULT.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Ironic that you had to use KINKOS, A FED EX Company.