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We recently ordered a table for our dining area and we had to a wait a week and half for it to come. First downside was that it was scheduled to arrive from 12 pm to 5pm and it arrived at 9 AM, when we weren't even expecting it.

One of the chair legs was broken in half, and there were some chips in the wood here and there. The UPS driver probably took it on a long ride and probably broke it, or the person who packaged it was careless enough to just throw it in the truck.

900 dollars wasted, and now we don't know if they are going to ship us a new one or the same one. Very bad service UPS, this driver should be shamed.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Florida, United States #864074

If it was damaged, take it up with whoever packed it, as they obviously didn't pack it correctly. Also, when items get damages is not when they are on the delivery trucks, it's when they're on the conveyor belts and in the back of the semis. The actual driver you were dealing with was probably as frustrated with it as you were, as no one actually wants to deliver a busted up package.

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