Chilton, Wisconsin

While vacationing in Arizona I ordered four boxes of oranges to be shipped to Wisconsin. After the order was made it became clear I would have to sign that they were not responsible for freezing of the produce which I assumed meant on the doorstep.

WHen the first box arrived at my son's and no one was home, we figured the fruit had frozen because the UPS man had not put them inside and there was no one there to take them. WHEN they arrived at my house--I was here and the FRUIT WAS ALREADY FROZEN. RIP OFF!

Now I find out there is no guarantee for fruit or perishables. Why would anyone think it was safe to send it if NO care whatsoever is taken??

Monetary Loss: $200.

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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #791765

When shipping sensitive products, insulated shipping containers and boxes help ensure product integrity. These container types are designed to protect from spoilage or deterioration during shipment.

I.E. UPS says in their terms of service it is the responsibility of the shipper to supply an insulated container.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #791241

Frozen is better than rotten. Since the customer has no control over the circumstances surrounding the shipment of the product then the company should resend or reimburse you for any damaged product IF you were home at the time of delivery.

An exception to this would be if they warned you ahead of time but you agreed to shipment anyway.

For example, a company who sells chocolates might have residents who live in southern states sign something extra if they insist on ordering chocolates in mid-August. Those trucks are supposedly refrigerated and/or heated but they don't always run the temp control like they should.

Sooooo did you eat them anyway?

Houston, Texas, United States #791234

Yeah, you are in Wisconsin where the temps are quite cold.

The items are shipped in a cold trailer.

You expect they would reach you at room temperature?

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