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I was supposed to have my company payroll checks delivered by 10:30 am on a Friday. I called UPS at 12:30 pm because I had not received them yet & after an afternoon & evening of numerous phone calls, transfers & conversations with 3 supervisors still with no payroll checks delivered even by 7:00 pm.

The supervisors I spoke to basically said there was nothing they could do about it & to deal with it. They also said because the delivery address was not in a commercial area & that because they were behind in deliveries because one of their planes came in late all the deliveries in the commercial areas came first whether they paid for the overnight shipping with an early delivery guarantee of 10:30 am or not. They also said that even though I paid for the 10:30 am delivery time they wouldn't honor it because it was only available for commercial area deliveries. I am a business I have payroll delivered to my home & not my office because we are out in the field all the time & aren't sitting in the office all day but yet my business & my employees weren't important & didn't matter.

My employees deserve to get paid their paychecks on their payday. UPS took no responsibility & did nothing to try & fix the situation. I will never use them again & I have already contacted my payroll company stating that I want a different delivery company from now on delivering my payroll checks.

UPS has terrible customer service & reliability. My payroll checks are now over 8 hours late from when they were supposed to be delivered.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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This is from page 5 of the Tariffs and service terms and conditions.

“Residential” refers to an address that

is a home, including, but not limited to,

a business operating out of a home. If

an address can be construed as either

Residential or Commercial, then it will be considered Residential.

There is not a guarantee for Residential deliveries. You can whine all you want it is a Business from your home, however it is still a Residential Delivery.


LMAO, how is your monetary loss 10k? Somehow I'm not buying you running a company, let alone owning one.

It would be unfortunate to get a late paycheck, but delays in shipping happen, WITH ALL CARRIERS.

When you are moving millions of packages a day, sh1t happens, planes break down, weather issues and all other manner of issues.

If you really cared about 'your employees' you'd get payroll done with a day of leeway to account for possible delays, or better yet, move into this century and use direct deposit. How dense are you?

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