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The idea has forced itself on me that UPS is only for those who absolutely, positively don't care whether their packages are delivered, when they're delivered, or where they're delivered. It's hard to know whether the decline in service I've observed is national or peculiar to my city, Columbia, S.C.

But here in Columbia it routinely takes a greater number of days for a package to make its way from the local UPS depot to the house than to reach the depot from afar, because of reschedulings and "exceptions." By and large the exceptions are fictitious, a way for UPS to transfer the blame for late delivery to the recipient. Dozens of times lately UPS has recorded on its website that no one was available to sign for delivery. Revealingly, the doorbell hasn't rung once during the day, nor has there been an Infonotice placed on the door on any of these occasions. Besides, days later, when the driver has finally made an attempt at delivery he's just dropped the package at the door without waiting for a signature.

Even when there's an attempt at delivery, the attempt may not be at the addressee's house but at the same house number on a vaguely similarly named street.

I now avoid UPS as a shipper, but I wish there were a web list of sellers who offer the option of non-UPS shipping, since not everyone does.

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ups was suppose to deliver a package today. The tracking says late truck the agent says he does not know where the package is.

They did not want to do any effort to get it to me so I am pushing for them to deliver it as scheduled. Part of the problem is they don't care.

They screw up and I am suppose to suck it up. I won't.


that is NOT a ups tracking number. try contacting the sender to find out what carrier they used.


Tracking Slip No EC 981 360 791 US Express delivery : Tracking says it was completed (delivered to SA) on 13 September 2012. No delivery to my house which has someone available 24 hours 7 days a week.

Please advise contact details in South Africa so that I can enquire. Thanks.


I've been waiting since the 2/01 for my packages! I keep getting the weather excuse but it's strange how the USPS didn't have any problems delivering my packages and we all know how lazy they can be! It's winter people !!!! SNOW HAPPENS!

I just got off the phone with UPS and they don't give a *** about the consumer not getting their packages! They had no excuse as to why i didn't get my packages on sunny snow free yesterday!

I never thought that the day would come when i would say that FedEx is doing a better job than UPS during this so called bad weather!


Two incidents in one week: First, tracking notation for package that didn't get delivered said that I refused delivery, which definitely was a lie. The package took much longer than was originally indicated to be delivered, so on the day it was finally supposed to be delivered, I was waiting at home all day becauise it was something I really needed. No one ever came to the door, and I'm the only person here, so no one else could have refused delivery. After a long process of filling out a claims form, waiting for a response, having to call and go through long automated system, I finally found out there had been NO ATTEMPT to deliver the package because it was leaking on the truck. Sender blames UPS, but whatever ... still they lied on the tracking notice and made me jump through time-consuming hoops to find out what happened. I had better things to do than waste all that time trying to find out the truth. Of course, no apologies from UPS about lying on the tracking notice.

Incident #2: Waiting for 2 packages from same location to be delivered for four days now past initial delivery time indicated on tracking notice. UPS claims they are behind due to bad weather. Two days ago I received a FedEx ground delivery right on time, no excuses about bad weather (weather was worse then, but the pleasant young lady driving the truck had no problem getting here and carrying large carton to the door). Customer service rep on phone could not have cared less about making excuses. I pointed out that FedEx had no problem dealing with bad weather, and he said he refused to discuss it.

Moral of the story: Use FedEx from now on.


Two back to back orders spanning approximately two months span from Amazon which were to be delivered by UPS were apparently either delivered to the wrong address by an *** driver or stolen by that driver. My house is located in a very plain sub division in Gainesville, FL. And my house number is very clearly marked.

It’s very frustrating that UPS doesn't have a more secure means by which to ensure that packages are actually being delivered to the address that is clearly marked on the package. At the very least a photo of the delivery point, its displayed address, the driver and the package should be taken at the time of the delivery.

This is the 2nd time in a row that this is happened. And 3rd time overall. All three incidents involved UPS. Never USPS or FedEx.


Just today UPS failed to deliver a scheduled package while reporting on its tracking log that the package had been left outside my door. I was home the entire afternoon, nobody knocked, there was no package left at any door in my building in the one adjoining. Both Amazon, the sender, and UPS, the loser, have made sure that you cannot

make a complaint either by phone or web site.


I recently ordered a laptop. I live in Manhattan and the streets and addresses could not be any easier, all numbered streets and avenues.

And yet UPS says the package was delivered to me, signed by me at my address. Nobody at my address received the package, and I even went to the buildings next door to ask. I certainly did not sign for the package.

It's a blatant lie on the driver's part. This is the 2nd time this has happened.

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