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I went to UPS store #5055 in Victorville California to mail a laptop to Canada on Jun 22, 2015 and paid $54.02. I then traveled to Europe, returned on July 11 (Saturday) only to receive a message on my phone that the party I mailed the laptop to refused to pay $138.64 import tax. Therefore I should either pay the tax or pay $52.73 to have the laptop returned to me. The message was left on Jul 3.

I went to the store on Monday Jul 13 to explain to them that the laptop is a personal used item that I'm shipping back to Canada where it came from to begin with and I shouldn't have to pay import tax. Furthermore, if the mailer (UPS) had told me it would incur tax, I wouldn't bother mailing it. I was told my message would be delivered to the manager.

After waiting for some day and didn’t hear anything from the manager, I gave them a call again on 7/20 and the manager told me the package had gone into abandonment on Jul 7 and I would have to pay about $153 to get it out, and another $52.73 to mail it back to me. First of all, how is a laptop deemed abandoned after only four business days and one notice - Jul 3 when they call first me to July 7?

I emailed the laptop receipt to prove it was originally bought in Canada. After a lot of phone calls to UPS International, UPS Customer service, Canadian customs, and back-and-forth with the manager of store #5505, the owner of the store finally agreed to pay half and I pay half to get the laptop out of abandonment and delivered to the addresses in Canada. I paid $65.50. In other words, even though Canadian customs no longer charged me for import fee, UPS still managed to extract a total of $119.52 to ship a laptop from California to Toronto Canada!

I will never patronize UPS again, and I will spread word of their bad business practices!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss order processing issue of ups shipping and associated monetary loss in the amount of $66. UPS needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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