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Dear Mr. Davis:

I am writing you as the Chief Executive Officer of UPS, because you are the person who is ultimately responsible for, and I hope accountable for, everything that happens in your company. I write to tell you that my daughter will have no Christmas present this year because UPS -- and, specifically, the West 43rd Street Convention hub facility in Manhattan, NY -- lost her package. Mr. Davis, the economy is faltering, and my husband and I do not have the income at present to put a different present under the tree for her.

I ordered a boxed movie set for my six-year-old daughter via Amazon's one day shipping service. My tracking number is: XYZ12345. If you look on your system, it will show as still "out for delivery" to me. I called UPS up until midnight 12/23 -- the day that the package was expected -- wondering why it was not delivered. Silly me. I was finally informed this morning, Christmas Eve, that it is lost. If I were to trust, I would still be waiting for the delivery, because, again, it still says, even at this moment, "out for delivery" on your website tracking system.

The package was scanned into the NYC facility on West 43rd Street in Manhattan on the morning of 12/23. No one knows what happened to my package since that time. It cannot even be confirmed that the package made it onto the truck or not. Even though a West 43rd Street supervisor, Pam Munroe, has looked for the package, she, nor anyone else, has provided any explanation of its whereabouts. I cannot reach whomever is in charge of the facility (Mr. Al Falco?) by phone, because I was informed that he was "in a meeting" or/alternatively "everyone is gone until Tuesday." It is hard for me to believe absolutely no one is available to oversee your facility on Christmas Eve. I have no choice but to believe that it is another ruse by UPS to separate the customer from any source of accountability.

I must come up with a way to explain to my child that Santa could not deliver her present for the holiday. If this were not bad enough, this is the second time I have been out of a present for one of my children on Xmas due to UPS's ineptitude, negligence, and, perhaps, theft. I have dealt with the West 43rd Street facility before and spoke to a Mr. Gary Graham about a lost package for my child several years ago. Again, no explanation was given, no accountability, no remedy, no nothing.

I cannot believe that this is how a billion-dollar company is run or how the West 43rd Street Convention Hub in Manhattan handles itself. I thought packages were scanned at every turn. How does a package enter a facility and simply disappear? Please let me know how this situation will be rectified. Clearly, it is too late for Christmas tomorrow. I am not interested in receiving the package on Tuesday. Tuesday does not work for Christmas for a six-year-old child.

A very merry holiday to you all. I hope it is better than my child's will be.

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You only got your kid a few movies?

Lol this sounds like a *** for sure...


UPS doesn't care they only care about making the stock go up


Looks like "looks like" is exactly what it looks like, an @sshole to the n"th degree.


Maybe you should have done your Christmas shopping a little bit earlier.


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Do you think thats the worst thing that could happen to ruin christmas?Christmas is not about presents and When I was a child,sometimes santa didnt get paid intil after christmas so my parents would say he was over worked or something and might come the next night.

Things happen it's called life and I would only hold you responsable for taking santa away from your daughter...

I think your alittle on the wacky side..


looks like your having the period *** ! :grin :grin :grin


Hey wtf!look at page 2.

It's all about the alphabet and numbers.

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To paraphrase "the early bird catches the worm", I would say "she who orders early gets it delivered."

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