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In a recent court appearance UPS would accept no responsibility for damage unless I could prove the damage occurred while in their physical possession and that is was totally their fault. That means that their partnerships with other carriers and the US postal service makes claims unprovable.

Prove it was in their possession. What if I have my local packaging store pack and ship an item. Can I prove UPS caused the damage or the store? When shipping to another country can I prove the damage didn't occur in customs or while in the possession of a "partner" delivery service?

Can I prove I didn't cause the damage myself? Do I need to video tape the entire process and travel on the trucks and through their processing facilities? Unfortunately small claims court has small minds and higher level courts require big bucks for attorneys. UPS wins again.

It isn't worth the time and money so we take the loss. I will boycott their services

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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