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Absolutely poor customer service. Ordered package on a Saturday and paid $25 for next day air delivery, which would mean Tuesday delivery.

On Tuesday morning tracking information indicated package was scanned out for delivery as of 6:24 am. Called UPS 800 customer service number at 10:10 pm and reached call center somewhere in Asia (Philippines?). Was assured that my package is on the truck and will be delivered by midnight. Package did not arrive.

Called customer service again at 12:06 am Wednesday. No explanation. Mysteriously, the website tracking detail was altered to show package is "in transit." Customer service agent said she would send a message to the local distribution center and assured that I would get a status call by 10 am. Didn't get a call and phoned customer service again 3 times.

Transferred to claim dept and made claim. Was told it could take up to 8 business days to resolve. Finally got a call from the local distribution center at 12:21 pm. They couldn't locate my package and said that the tracking information only showed "destination scan" at 6:24 am on Tuesday even though it showed out for delivery the previous day.

The agent told me the package was lost. When I asked the agent to notify the shipper that UPS had lost my package so it could be resent, she refused, saying that UPS doesn't do that--it's my responsibility. So not only did UPS lose my package (or perhaps one of its employees stole my package) they refused to do anything to fix the problem it created. One of the worst things about this debacle is the inability to contact someone directly at the local distribution center to get answers.

The only contact number on the UPS website is their 800 number, which in most cases connects you with call center in Asia,where the representatives give you scripted answers.

The folks at UPS clearly do not care about customer service. At UPS, "customer service" means nothing more than giving the customer the runaround.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I had the exact same problem with their call Centre. they said they were in the south Pacific.

they gave me no concrete info, said I would get callbacks which I never did and all gave the same scripted responses. "I understand your frustration" has to be my favorite. I finally called in an EIGHTH time and said I wanted to talk to someone in North America. The girl said there was no one to transfer me to but she'd "be happy to try to help me".

After assuring her UPS must have at least one employee in North America and repeatedly saying "I don't want to talk to you, no one there can help me, I want to be transfered to someone in North America" she finally transferred my call to a guy on Canada. He looked into things and the call Centre idiots had been sending messages that didn't make sense to THREE different UPS dispatch centers in Ontario.

not only did they not correct the issue, they made it worse! supposedly my delivery is rescheduled for next week but I have my doubts....