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I live in an apartment. UPS Tried to deliver a package to me at the same time all 3 days, I work and the time was before 5.

The only option was to pick up the package from their facility which was on the other side of time even though there was multiple UPS stores in between my apartment and their facility that I could have easily made it to in the store time they are open after I finish work and fight through traffic to get back. Completely disappointed with the service.

Why are we stuck not being able to choose are shippers with online shopping. They have no reason to treat us well they only need to treat the online retailer well they are the ones that decide which shipping carrier gets used.

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Florida, United States #904945

UPS Stores are not owned by UPS, so unless you'd like to pay any of those UPS Stores to receive your package, you're going to be out of luck in that regard. UPS Stores are individually owned franchise stores, so UPS can't just make them hold packages for customer pickup at no cost.

Flushing, New York, United States #900940

Or you could Ya know send your *** to your job

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