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I received an oversize package which weighs 150 lbs. today.

I only have one leg and wanted to ask the driver to set it inside my door. I called to him at least 6 times and he just walked away. Not only did he not want to be bothered to help me, he blocked the wheelchair ramp so i can't get out in case of an emergency. I called the office and they blamed Amazon and that i should complain to them.

Never again will i buy anything that will be delivered by this joke of a company.The fact that they won't take the time to assist someone in need, especially someone who only has one leg just boggles my mind. I hope FEDEX puts them out of buisness !!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Listen dude. Stop ordering things that you can not control by your physical self.

It is not anyone's problem but yours if your product weighs too much.If that driver helps you and every other person on their route, that had an over weight (over 70) then they would have a 12 hour day. Also they would be crippled by the time it would be to retire.Or do you truly think YOUR stuff is more important than causing injury to your fellow man.Tl:Dr - if you can't pick it up or control it by yourself, don't order it online.