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My yearly tab with UPS is around $300-500,000.

I shipped a 2nd day package Wednesday to arrive Friday in San Diego for a trade show. It got put on the wrong truck (WTF!) and didn't make it. It's in San Diego now (Saturday), but they refused to deliver it SINCE I HADN'T PAID FOR SATURDAY DELIVERY. Um, no. I paid to have it HERE BY FRIDAY. There is a Monday 8:00 delivery, but they refuse to deliver it then SINCE I HADN'T PAID FOR EARLY MONDAY DELIVERY. They have said that we might - might - get it Monday afternoon. Well, thanks. That's after the show is over.

Seriously, WTF?

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Walnut Creek, California, United States #644324

lol, you claim a loss of 10k.

you don't do anywhere near 500k a year in shipping with ups, if you did you would know their policies. more likely you are an ocassional shipper. i doubt ups will miss your $10 per month shipping.

btw if your packages were late you are entitled to a refund of your shipping cost. again, something you would know if you shipped frequently. tool.

to Dark_Shaft Chicago, Illinois, United States #645115

Yes, it was a hand-built printing press inking system prototype. $10,000 is merely the material cost, not the actual value. You *do* realize that expensive equipment is shipped UPS, right? The fact that you think shipping $10,000 is not possible is hilarious. Just two weeks ago, a $50,000 sensor came in for me via FedEx.

to craig_shields Walnut Creek, California, United States #645557

craigy-poo, you do realize that an item that is worth $10k and arrives late does not mean you suffered a $10k loss, right?

yep, your a real genious, sweetheart.

to Dark_Shaft Chicago, Illinois, United States #645118

Not sure why the rest of my comment was snipped.

Tracking number - 1Z6119990251784008

Check it yourself, sparkles.

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