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I work in front part of a law firm office along with a few other coworkers. I am still in school so I am just trying to get my foot in the door. Our boss told us to be on the look out for a VERY important next day air document, which must be delivered by 10:30 via UPS. It wasn't until about 10:45 when the driver came in to deliver! My boss was furious. It was not the normal guy and this guy was looked extremely panicked saying he didnt know the route and he was just covering for the day...

After about 5 mins of getting chewed out by my boss I felt really bad for this guy. He was very apologetic, so I offered him a bottle of water. He gladly accepted after my boss had left the front of the building. We told him to take his time so he could catch his breath. He called his boss to explain what had happened and asked for help.

I started going back to work as usual almost forgetting the UPS man was in the office. Then i got a text from my coworker across the room. It said "look at MR. BIG", confused I looked up and she was gesturing toward the driver who was on his phone. I look over and he was leaning against a chair and the outline of his you know what was clearly visible!! It looked almost exactly like he had put a banana in his pants but you could see the end of it. The biggest I have seen is my boyfriends which is like a hot dog but shorter. I cant even imagine what Mr.UPS would be like excited. I hope he doesnt get in trouble so I can see more of him. I love my boyfriend, but I cant stop thinking about what it would be like...

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Well my husbands a UPS driver, maybe you find out if hes single first before you hjt in him!!


The other people on here are close minded, so don't even worry about them.....If that is what your BF is working with, then I guess I can understand your curiosity. There is a reason you think about what it would be like.

It sounds like you are feeling disappointed in certain areas. Let me tell you, The excitement of what you saw is only a taste of what could be a reality.

Do what makes you happy and don't let others judge. It is their place!


My ups driver is smoking hot also! He is the talk of our office. Too bad he is married because I don't think he would make it out alive otherwise!!


I agree with sessa. To begin with anybody old enough to be working in a law office is old enough to not be letting the world know about this. It would be one thing to talk about it with a friend but to put it online is rather immature.


What are you, 12? Good luck with that law firm job. :roll :roll :roll :roll

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