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so i lost my cell phone and bought a new one through the carrier. i need my phone constantly for daily life and business.

i payed EXTRA to have it delivered the NEXT DAY after it shipped. it shipped monday, i was supposed to get it the next day. IT NEVER COMES! the tracking information they give you is a bunch of bulls h i t.

finally it said it was supposed to come today BEFORE 3pm. i waited all f*cken day at home. NOTHING. i check the tracking page and it says Incorrect routing / Delivery rescheduled.

ARE YOU F*CKEN KIDDING ME!?? I DONT HAVE THE TIME TO SIT AROUND AND WAIT UNTIL THEY DECIDE TO START DOING THEIR JOB CORRECTLY. its unbelievable how its so difficult to put a package in the right truck, drive to the residence and hand it to the person.

if im gonna pay extra to have my package delivered and i end up picking it up myself because they cant do it right, i might as well drive the 2700 miles to new jersey and pick it up myself. it'll be faster

Monetary Loss: $250.

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