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UPS is a waste if time and money. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt from all their complaints. I paid a pretty pricy cost for next day air delivery. I was supposed to receive a package Friday. Today is Saturday and they say that either the package is lost or it might be waiting at the customer service center. When i called all they did was mock me or leave me on hold for thirty minutes and hang up. I called the specific location and I had the same experience.

Every time I would call and finally be able to talk to someone they would say they would forward a message to the center. However, not once out of the eight times I called did I get a call back. Instead some crystal woman said that she was going to hang up on me because she didnt know where the package was and wasnt going to look because it was the weekend and there was no way she could get a hold of anyone in that center.

I asked to leave a complaint in the person above hers voicemail and she said no one at ups had voicemail or an extension that i could be forwarded to. Basically lying. Who doesnt have voicemail nowadays

I will never use UPS again.

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eh if its late you get a refund. sht happens sometimes.

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