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These guys in 4 years that i have ever ordered anything from anywhere will 100% let you down and raise your blood pressure,customer service is the most ridiculous service ever available,and how the #$%@ do you expect to leave a person hanging the whole day for a package then because the drivers shift is almost over,hey they leave a notice that undelivarable, this company takes the cream of being the shittiest logistics company and never for once go out of their way to keep a client/customer happy for any matter,hey as long as their getting paid who the #$%^ cares about the consumer! Most rotten logistics company out there with a reputation that is supposed to stand out.

HORRIBLE,you should be ashmed of yourself. Learn from FED EX how to do business and keep a client happy,they even let you know around what time the driver will arrive so that you don't waste your whole god *** day waiting for a dumb *** driver who doesn't give a @$%@ neither does the company it's self!

Monetary Loss: $320.

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