Whoever this *** is go "delivered" my package today is an ***. He has the info notice prepared as he is on my porch and will ring the doorbell once and stick it onto my door.

I wouldn't even have a second to walk to the front door before the UPS track is gone and this is the second *** time that this has happened. I hope I find out who he is so he gets fired because this is absolutely ridiculous.

He literally has the info notices written out as he's on my porch because he rings the bell just once and is gone before I could even open the door. I'm so pissed!

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Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #617719

they only have so many seconds to deliver each stop, or they get wrote up, leave a note, if its not sig required, whats problem with ringing doorbell once, ups will regret strick rules because it will cause accident or kid getting killed



MAKE ONE FOR ME! :roll :grin

Aguadilla, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico #610808

Do you have a job? These people have 20 hours of work for a 10 hour day.

Maybe you should get a job as a driver if you think you can do better. Tell us where you work so I can demand you get fired.

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