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I placed an order with Shoebuy through paypal. Never got an exact carrier except 3rd party.

Fianally on Jan8th by calling shoebuy. The man said he had a tracking # I got it. As many orders as I have placed I knew it was UPS. Yesterday Jan the 9th afternoon, I decided to track it, since the man said wait 24 hrs.

It said delivered, so I went to look on my porch & there was no pkg. anywhere. So, I called UPS they informed me it was left down at or by the gate. I live way back off the road.

They have already been advised a couple of times to not do that & bring it to my house, that is their JOB. I went down there & looked everywhere & there was no pkg. anywhere. Calls & calls, to Shoebuy, a dispute with paypal & I filled out a long form with UPS, when finished it said sorry temporarily down.

30 min. more of my time. Then calls to Ups & one hateful girl says its not a claim or whatever I said & said, I am putting you on hold that's after waiting 20 min.I waited numerous 10 min, 20 min. it all adds up!

MY TIME! I hung up, talked to a nice guy & asked to speak to a supervisor. Too many hoops & forms, time & hassles, all because one *** left a pkg out by the road or gate & could not bring his lazy a$$ up to my house. I do not know if he left it somewhere else, kept it or somebody stole it!

I have made MANY orders over the years hundreds. Why would an *** leave a pkg down from the house & do this?? Now its wait. I know I spent yesterday & today over 6 hrs or more on the phone pertaining to this.I guess they think if they wear you down you will give up, nope, its the principle of the thing & I want my pkg.

A nice lady called me earlier from UPS & informed me the sucker was off today & would not be back till Monday. I say for every S.O.B. that does NOT want to do their JOB RIGHT there are 24 more waiting out there that will. I hope he gets fired, he is an incompetent *** who does not deserve the job, FIRE his A$$.

The phone people & the distributors have to clean up after idiots like him. FIRE THEM for such a ***, LAZY thing, not to bring a pkg to my door. I live in Sulphur Springs, Tx & I want his name known & I will find out who the *** *** is! I will turn this over to the B.B.B.

consumer affairs, transportation & will NOT stop until, they fire him!Also the smart mouth hussy that talked back smart to me & put me on hold,& was not coming back, fire her also! They know who they are! UPS GET your lazy drivers off their a$$es & hire people who WILL WORK & do the JOB!

I have to wait maybe 22 days or more! This is NOT RIGHT!

Monetary Loss: $32.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #773507

Go to Mexico Pedro. not here!

Bye Bye! Ur dumb & most likely work for them!

Kiss my grits! BEGONE!


ur dumb :(

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