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I just signed up for Amazon Prime and honestly I'd love to keep paying for the service, but I would rather cancel after a year because of poor service - not on Amazon's part, but on their chosen carrier - UPS. I never ever get anything I order on time, even though I have someone waiting for the package each time I know that a package is arriving.

I signed up for their "My Choice" but it doesn't even help at all because they don't even come knocking on the door.

I'd think twice about online shopping and just go for the brick & mortar at this rate. You'll never get your packages on time.

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Downey, California, United States #587997

Not sure if you are aware but even though you purchase your products from Amazon, that doesn't mean that they ship it out. There is a seller behind it that can send it from anywhere.

Even though Amazon requires for them to ship it within 24 hours from the sellers location, sometimes they create the label but don't actually ship it out that day. This is neither UPS nor Amazon's fault...

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