Middletown, New York

ups said my package was delivered at 1:33 pm but we were home and ups never came. overstock.com put in a trace and ups said the package was not found.

i got a refund from overstock, but how can ups not investigate this? how are they not held accountable? what if their employees are steeling and not delivering? there should be an investigation dept with in the company.

or we as the consumer that loose precious packages should be able to bring criminal charges against the driver or company for lying about delivery, then not being able to trace the package, or hold their own drivers accountable.

a supervisor should be able to say Ok take me to the address where you delivered the package. make sure its right and tell me to my face you handed me the package.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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UPS is the worst company there is, their *** up layback attitude really needs to change, their slogan should be "I don't give a *** about you" UPS because your package is history".

That resumes my experience with these ***.


I have had 2 packages in a row not delivered but said they did on their tracking ! Worst shipping outfit in the US.The drivers can't read an address! :upset


I ordered an something from evike.com and it was originally scheduled to arrive on friday. However it was rescheduled to show up on thursday(today).

Well guess what it is 8:22 pm right now and no package.

bravo ups gotta hand it to you my package has been "in transit" for well over twelve hours. :(


I ordered a coach bag from an ebay seller. While tracking the box from WI it was delayed due to a weight adjustment.

10 days later I got 29 pound vacuum cleaner which was intended for someone in WI. My purse label had been affixed over the 29 lb vacuum box label. Using both tracking numbers, I discovered they were both on the same delivery truck. Maybe the driver stole the purse and put the label on the Vacuum box to buy time?

UPS was pathetic in dealing with this. Total runaround.

Still under trace and investigation. Lame service use FEDEX!!!!


In my experience with UPS in Chicago, they are notorious for leaving packages somewhere near your house or apartment (almost like they threw it from the truck) and saying it was delivered. I've very recently had two separate clothing orders disappear that way. Either someone stole them as the packages sat soaking in six inches of snow, or someone at UPS is wearing my new coat.


of course there's an investigation dept. thats what the tracer is.

it was either misdelivered, someone stole it, or overstock sent it to the wrong place.

if its not found, the cost of shipping and value of the item is refunded. what more do you want?

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