I haved worked for UPS and have some stories to tell. But thats not why I am here.

I am here to warn others not to purchase from sellers that use UPS as their shippers. I think UPS, USPS, as well as Fedex all have some serious issues. But I think UPS tops them all. They think they are the giants in shipping and can play by their own rules.

Again, so do USPS and Fedex but not so far as UPS. They use every little excuse possible as why your package was not delivered on time. They have been known to deliver package late in the night while most people are asleep. Yea, I have a $2500 package sitting on my doorstep all night.

I have decided to not ever buy from a seller using UPS. USPS and Fedex do a little better. At least they make Saturday deliveries. But they should know they are not far from the list either.

Heck, most of the time I could walk to the shipper and back by the time UPS makes a delivery. Again, not worth working at UPS either.

Reason of review: Not happy.

UPS Cons: Slow shipping.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure this guy is lying. It is truly not possible for a driver to leave a $2500 ***insured*** package on your doorstep.

If the shipper doesn't declare the value of the package for the actual value, then it is safely assumed it's not worth anything- like candy.

Once the package is insured for $1000+ is when UPS starts caring, anything more they actually care. Anything over $1k requires a customer signature for delivery.


What happen did they fire your ***