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The UPS delivery person did not deliver my package within the estimated time frame. I called them several times asking them to deliver the package.

I had to speak to several persons, starting from scratch each time. One manager said that she would get back with me in an hour, but never did. They would not give the phone number of the local UPS office where my package was being kept although they had no hesitation in asking my phone number. The local UPS office number was top secret.

The local office won't entertain any calls from public as if they are too busy. When I finally got in touch with the local office, they told me to come and pick up my package if I wanted my package the same day. They refused to deliver the package themselves. It was a 2 Day Air.

They did not deliver it within the time frame. The UPS people are a bunch of liars and are known for their incompetence and very poor customer service.

They do not care a fig about the customers, but have no shame in making money on their backs. Shame on UPS!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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It is an ESTIMATED delivery time, not a rock solid scheduled time.

Many variables that can even affect an estimated delivery time.

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