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My experience buying the Manduka Mat and Mat Sak was so painful that if I tell you all the problems you may not believe it happened. But, it did.

The package was to be delivered on Friday October 8 to my work address. I don't work on Friday's but I went to work especially to get my new mat. I kept checking the tracking and it said "package out for delivery." At about 3:30pm I called UPS because our regular driver is usually there by mid afternoon. Also, I had noticed that the address of my shipment looked strange on the invoice from Online Fitness. For whatever reason someone had put the street number on the same line as the name of my company. The UPS representative said, "Oh, it's OK. He's a trained professional; he'll be able to read what address it is supposed to go to. It will be delivered by 5pm." At 4pm, the update on the package was "driver couldn't read address, delivery rescheduled."

I was livid. I phoned UPS and demanded my package be delivered to me. By now they mysteriously had the correct address as they did when I spoke to the first representative. They told me that the driver is at 144 Montague St. delivering packages if I wanted to run after him and get it. This address is a 15-minute fast walk from where I was but I said OK. I told her it would take me about 15 minutes and she said he would wait.

When I got to Montague St., I stood by the truck waiting for the driver to come back. My cell phone rings. "We're sorry ma'am the package has never been with the driver. It is in our warehouse in Mayspeth." I was dumbfounded. Why these people don't know what they're doing is beyond me. She said, "If you want to come get it, you can get here by 8pm." I asked her if she was looking at the package. I also asked if it was TWO packages and she said "no, this is the only tracking number you gave me." I tried to explain that on the system it showed two boxes with the order. She assured me no it was only one box.

So, since I live in NYC and don't have a car, I took two trains, a bus, walked about a mile and waited in line for over 20 minutes but I got my package. As I was leaving the UPS warehouse and waiting for the bus that would take me to my two trains for the ride home (3 hours round trip) I decided to take the mat out of the box and put it in the mat sak for easier carrying. Oh, wait though--there is no mat sak!!!

I paid for the mat/mat sak package and only got a mat. I wrote the seller immediately. I have no more fight in me. It is the incompetence that is always shown with UPS and the bad luck of Online Fitness. The Online Fitness guy is always kind but that is starting not to mean anything to me.

I filed a claim with UPS because their computer system still says there were two packages! I also filed a claim with Amazon. I hope to get my mat sak next week once they figure it out. But, from now on I will order directly from Manduka (I'm a yoga teacher and will order a lot) and I will insist they send it ANY way but UPS.

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oh and im not a ups employee


putting the street number on the same line as your company name would be an incorrect address im afraid dear. ups doesnt make those labels.

the company who ships them does.

ups also doesnt pack the boxes so if you received an incomplete order your beef is with the company again. try and listen you may learn a thing or two instead of just blaming the easiest target.

Winston, Florida, United States #198851

If you read correctly, UPS had the right address all along. And even if they didn't it doesn't justify me running all over the city and then being given an incomplete package.

Rick one of the main problems with UPS is that you don't take responsibility but continually deflect--no genuine apology or attempt to make things right.

And this is why I will never use this company again. Indeed, if this were an isolated incident I might give them another chance but 99% of the time I am extremely frustrated with UPS service.


so the company you ordered it from addressed it incorrectly and forgot to include an item and you come on here complaining about ups? lol that doesnt make sense

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