Halifax, Nova Scotia

Don't be fooled when you see this "exception". What it really means is that UPS has more packages than it can physically deliver in your area. "Weather conditions" is simply a corporate way of covering their company a$$'s.

Once you see this message forget about getting your package until the backlog clears. Once your package has failed to get there in the promised time it's off the the back of the warehouse (or stuck in an unloaded trailer) as newer shipments get priority (they can still be delivered on time!) Happened twice this Christmas season to me. Two packages, both "out for delivery", one of them 3 times! but never appeared on my door and voila I get the "network disruption" exception and then nothing. They even had the gall to remove the "out for delivery entries to make things look better for them! I guess the driver had too many packages to deliver and never got to me. Maybe I'll see them sometime in 2014 and then mail them back to the visiting relatives who would have received them for Xmas.

One things for sure. They'll be going FedEx or by CanadaPost.

UPS sucks, has always sucked, and will forever suck. Down with Brown!!!

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • network disruption
  • shipping exception
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At fedex just like ups we do the same thing. sometimes they push out to much and we run out of dot time.

Nothing we can do about it.

I'm waiting for package still that have not arrived but after working for a shipper I understand and I will just have to wait. if you want priority then ship express.


I agree with original poster. I am experiencing same thing and I am in US.

UPS sucks. We had an inch of snow in GA for a day and its days later after the weather is fine and they throw an exception.

It was suppose to be delivered a week ago. I understand the weather here could have delayed it a day or two but to make up this network exception is exactly as 1db1acd put it.


And i thought i was the only one. Same here, i live in the Atlanta area and there is no ice left anywhere and my package was to be delivered today.

I'm just hoping they didn't lose it cause that package is worth over $500.

I was given an exception with reason of some network issues. What's more irritating is that i saw a UPS truck just pass by right in front of my house, insult to injury.





I don't know what the *** your thinking posting on this person's review of UPS. If you did any research at all you would have found that her post is more common than not. There are people all over the US complaining about UPS using this extreme weather warning to cover their tracks. Maybe you should do a little research and THINK before you post such a ridiculous thought on someone elses obvious UPS problem.

So you got your packages on time!!?? GFU but the fact remains that the user above did not and she had a bad experience because of it... it is her right to review her experience... and you posting what you posted just shows how ignorant you are.


Because you have not recieved your packages,Does not mean that everyone else has not recieved their packages.I am in Texas ok.And i placed an order on Dec.01,2013 right.Well just here to inform you that i have recieved all three(3) Of my packages by my UPS Mesquite location.I am sure you would not care if someone lost their life or Became seriously Injured while trying to deliver someone( Dam Packages) for Xmas.People like yourself should Stop and Think before they post comment's like you have.It took (18) Days to recieve my packages,But guess what i really Appreciate UPS FOR THEIR EFFORD.So what it took 18 Days.The most important fact is i have recieved them.It took the same amount of time for Fedex to make my delivery also.And USPS just made a delivery on the 19th of Dec also.It is not right for you to want people to put their life on the line just so you can recieve some (Dam Xmas Gift's).Believe me Fedex is not any Faster than UPS.Thanks UPS,I really appreciate your efford.