Now I've had several UPS drivers tell me for awhile now they don't have access to My Choice which has my bldg security access code BUT when a UPS driver let a stranger sign for my Verizon pkg at the same time a condo was being robbed NOW IM MAD(ironic driver has disappeared since I filed complaint)!!Then UPS supervisor calls and tells me to knock on neighbors doors to find my pkg.

I've NEVER LET ANYONE SIGN FOR MY PKGS!!!!! Then yesterday I waited around all day for a delivery by 5 15, UPS cust serv said 7pm was cut off GUESS WHO RANG CONDO AT 8 30pm WHILE I WAS IN SHOWER?!?! Yes the driver then tag says Latin Market access point. I don't think so.

I told UPS BRING IT BACK!!!! I try not to use online biz that use UPS. I'm back to shopping in stores or STORE PICK UP.

I was on vacation recently came back to several Fedex tags.Had it delivered to Fedex store got it no issues!!

Review about: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.


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