Iowa Park, Texas
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The think what ticks me off is this.

The UPS diver went to the wrong address

1513 keeler instead of 1523 keeler ave.

think is I seen the drive go there. And what's

Sad is you have to sign my full name to get the pills.

And I take norco and someone just signed my last

Name and the package was opened and everything.

And thing is the police will not do anything eve. If I got my

Pills back.... Thing is someone on 1513 signed my name and WICHITA falls say they can't do anything ...


What's sad is someone signed my dang name it least my past name , and opened the package and tryied to take the sticker off.

Why is it against the law to sign someone else name and not be able to do anything about it. Think is the driver even said he deliveryed to the wrong address ...

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #768560

I would encourage everyone experiencing delivery problems with UPS to contact your shipper and request that they tag your account with UPS as least preferred delivery company. Amazon has done this for me after 4 late/misdelivered shipments handled by UPS. This is the only way UPS will get the message that customer service counts.

to bacikj Newark, New Jersey, United States #769879

I would encourage anyone that has ezperienced racism or discrimination to avoid phoenix metro area, or any arizona, businesses, really. Maybe then those white supremacist, inbred, hillbillies will get the message, that racism is wrong, and the constitution counts.

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