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I was schedule to pick up a package on a friday at the end of august/2014 when I get there, the slimy guy that approached me had a f*&% up attitude, he asked me my name in a way that he implied it wasn't really my name, I'm from a latin country, i do have a latin accent but my name is fully european, this guy was one of those mexican american that hate latin immigrants, you could read it all over his face, this over 300 pound mexican redneck at the main facility of Los Angeles on the 1800 North block of Main St. in downtown LA, I'm 5'10 and weight 175 pounds with a latin accent, his hate filled the room, and all the other employees acted afraid and uncomfortable around him, they couldn't even look at me or acknowledge me, then after showing my ID and him checking it 3 times he says: Your package is not here, and i tell him the website said it was ready for pick up, and we go back and forth, then suddenly without even touching the comp. keyboard he says: Oh i found it, I'll be right back, and I'm there waiting for 20 something minutes, he comes back and says: What was the contents of your package? and I'm like HUH? WTH??? confused i tell him jewelry and very relaxed he goes: oh no wonder, look somebody cut your package open with what seems to be a box cutter and everything is gone, call your shipper on monday and they will tell you what to do, then he sees my pissed off face and he says: let me call security to see what he says, he pulls out his cellphone dials a number thru the speaker phone twice and both times the voice mail of a cellphone company answer, u know u have called bla, bla, bla, and he tells me again just to call on monday, He couldn't get in touch with security at the main UPS facility in Los Angeles???? PLEASE!!!! I have heard many times from people that know someone at UPS that they steal left and right with no repercussions, i believe it now, today is Oct the 7th, and to today that case has not been resolved, I am down hundreds of dollars and i don't do business anymore with anyone who tries to use UPS to deliver my packages.... anyways USPS and FEDEX are cheaper!!! thank u for reading my crying :)

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: NEVER USE THEM AGAIN.

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I am still waiting 2 months and 2nd attempt for the merchant to get higher end furniture to me. The first time we ordered this furniture our packages "disappeared." UPS has changed the zip code 2 times in 2 months losing our furniture.

UPS has sadly become a shady company that I will never ever be doing business with again.

Do not use UPS for valuable items.

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