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I ordered four purses from surprise.katespade.com as Christmas gifts. I was initially notified by UPS via email that they would be delivered on December 15th.

I received a second email on December 15th saying that delivery was rescheduled for December 17th. I have attached pictures of what I received and the green tag that was on the box inside the package. It was $1,000 worth of purses that I had gotten for $285 at a 24 hour Kate Spade pop up sale. They are no longer available and cannot be replaced.

The box was discovered empty at the UPS Facility in Buffalo, NY at 3:00 am on December 14th in Bay 110 NEast. The empty box was placed inside a new box with a new label with 1 lb on it. Clearly the four purses would have weighed more than that. I am unable to locate what the original label looked like and it was removed from the inside box by someone at UPS.

These were Christmas gifts that I was very excited about and they are irreplaceable. I filed a claim with UPS but was told that UPS was not going to call me if they located the purses because I do not have a contract with them. I said they involved me when they mailed me an empty, flattened box. Instead of contacting Kate Spade when they found the empty box in their warehouse, they mailed it to me and involved me.

Ridiculous! I contacted Kate Spade and they will refund me but It's not about the money I want the purses. I examined the inside box used by Kate space and it appears that one end of the box was not property taped. The package was transferred from Niagara Falls and must have been fine at that point because it shows it was scanned.

It arrived in Buffalo NY at 1:50 am on December 14,2018 and was scanned again. The empty box was discovered at 3:00 am. They placed a green "CACH" tag on the inside box indicating the box was found with "fallout".There must be video cameras at the facility that can show what happened to my package and when the purses fell out.

It appears to have happened within an hour and ten minute window. I would like this investigated and would like my goods returned or replaced.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $285.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

UPS Cons: Empty box delivered.

  • Ups Delivered Empty Box
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I'm always surprised that people still order "irreplaceable", expensive items for delivery. There are too many "what-ifs" in the delivery process regardless of whether you use UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

I would never have something this expensive shipped. I would buy in person or just not make the purchase at all.


I just spend another 45 minutes on the phone with Kate Spade. My refund is waiting for approval.

The first person did not tell me it had to go through an approval process.

Thanks UPS. Next time keep the empty box and work with the sender.


Nothing material is irreplaceable. Learn it, live it, remember it.


Irreplaceable because it cannot be replaced. The items are no longer available.

Of bigger concern is the fact that UPS mailed me an empty flattened box rather than contacting Kate Spade when they discovered the box empty. They should have contacted the company they "had a contract with" rather than putting me in a very uncomfortable position. I was forced to deal with it because UPS had indicated the items were delivered.

I had to spend hours on the phone with Kate Spade and UPS trying to get this matter resolved and setting up a claim. It should have been handled between Kate Spade and UPS.


I have also had a huge incident with Kate spade and ups. I ordered $700 worth of purses as gifts.

They were shipped out in three separate boxes. The estimated delivery date was 12/20/2018. When it did not arrive I contacted Kate spade and they informed me ups had the packages at the store location and never attempted to deliver. I went to pick them up and only one was there, the others are missing.

No explanation regarding where they are or how this happened.

Ups never ebbed tried to contact me, they even tried to deliver the packages to my house. Now I have no Christmas gifts for my family.