Mount Prospect, Illinois
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UPS Store

Golf Road and Busse Street

Mount Prospect, IL

This email is being sent to notify UPS Retail and/or Corporate Offices of the treatment I received while in their store today by the above-mentioned employee. This employee was nasty, rude, disrespectful and a true racists. The racist remark she made exhibited pure racism for sure by UPS when she stated, - "Under her breath, UPS told us, they don't want your kind in our stores anyway!" I am African-American and I am very proud of my race, however, I refuse to allow any establishment to make a comment as such to a customer and get away with it. This woman should be reprimanded. Watch the video in the store - I am sure there is one. If she gets a tap on the wrist, for this incident, then I know for sure UPS IS A RACIST CORPORATION!

In the meantime, she called the police, for no reason, I was leaving the store - of course after giving me my $5.31 lousy cents owed to me. I was getting into my car and the police car arrive and blocked my car to keep me from moving as if I was a criminal. I have no criminal record. Sergent Schmitz of Mount Prospect Police Department, asked what happened, I told him, he said that's ridiculous. She indicated that she should reduce the cost because the box was dirty and had been used. I told her, "I was just in the store 10 minutes ago, it can't be that dirty." She gave me my money and put in on the counter, after I picked up money, I then became furious with her about her comment, her racist attitude and that fact that I have ordering from UPS for many years and did not know they were a racists company. I did curse at her and informed her not to mess with me and I would see that UPS Corporate Office hears about this incident, she I don't give a ***!

About an hour later - I became ill and began vomiting outside my car and had to go home after leaving the police station to press charges on her - as I kept thinking about how humiliated and I was sooooo embarrassed I felt, I have experienced racism before in my life, there is no African-American who will tell you that they have ever experienced any type of racism in their life. Because it still exists in the world - its just kept hidden. What I haven't ever experience was a Caucasian person to make a statement like that to my face and then call the police on me for no reason.

I have Lupus, and my inflammation flared up caused by this stress this woman caused, I am hurt emotionally and an am going through distress, I can't even go back to work until I feel better. My blood pressure shot to the roof, my heart starting beating fast, because I did not know if this woman was going to hit me or not. I was certainly ready if tried. My stomach is swollen and hurts badly. My Significant Other is on his way to take me to the emergency room again. I might have to stay in the hospital this second visit.

I have ask my attorney to draw up a Motion for UPS and Ms. Keri Moduff to pay for the cost of my Medical Emergency Room Expenses, missed work and more importantly the Emotional Distress she has caused upon. I am sickened by this woman.

My attorney has also asked me to submit this email before to have proof of notification that I have made an attempt to contact UPS regarding the above-mention issue and have this person notified of my decision to pursuit a lawsuit against UPS Corporation.

This world has got to change! This woman is totally crazy, I plan to go back into that same UPS store again, when I feel well enough just to look into her dirty racist face again!

I expect to hear from UPS regarding this issue within two weeks or UPS will be contacted by attorney, as of today, there will be no more correspondence received from me. I will turn this entire matter over to my attorney as I will have the no say so about changing the lawsuit Motion for Emotional Distress and etc.

UPS you can do what you have to do on your part to protect your racist organization and I am going to do what I have to do on my part, (by contacting Channels 2,5,7, Fox News, and Channel 9) to protect my distress, race and dignity that was taken or stolen from me while on your property by a disgruntled and severe racist employee who agrees with your organizational rules - she claim was told to her by UPS. Shame on you UPS for telling your employees this!!!

I can only hope you or your attorney contact me regarding this issue and give me some type of feedback. If not, you will hear from me very soon.


"One day, we will not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the contents of our character." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr."

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Monetary loss, $8000?


Look, you assuming that everything is wrapped up in a neat racist package, bow included, is about as ridiculous as you thinking UPS reads and will act upon your ignorant complaint here. And no that doesn't mean I'm a racist, it means I have a brain. Unless you think your skin color means you have no brain.

Most likely what happened is you are a cheap penny pincher trying to return a used item and the counter clerk told you no, you flipped out, she said we don't need you penny pinching types here, and you claimed racism, heart failure, hemorrhoids, and flatulence.

Wake up, you're an over dramatic stooge. Everything isn't about the color of your skin, you give people that HAVE suffered REAL racism a bad name. Grow the ***


This person claims to have an attorney. If that is true, why did she post this same letter about an hour ago at the "just answer ask a legal question" website?


This complaint is beyond absurd and I hope the UPS store employee fully named, takes legal action against the silly person who posted this. SHAME ON YOU!


I became ill and started vomiting after reading this letter. I feel like I have been discriminated against now and I am a victim of racism.

I am currently waiting on an ambulance to take me to the Emergency Room. I fear my Lupus will flair up. I know my blood pressure has gone through the roof! Why did I read this letter???!!

The world has got to change! I will contact my lawyer when I am discharged. First, I need to call work and tell them I am not coming in.

Does anyone know of any news channels I can contact? :cry :upset :upset :cry :sigh


Out of the 10s of thousands of complaints on this site, this one has to be the funniest by far! :grin


This is a general business complaint site.

UPS does not monitor this site, and this site is not a means to notify UPS of an issue.

I respectfully suggest that you find the official UPS Website to submit your complaint to so UPS will be made aware of these events.


You must be a racist too.