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I was expecting a package to be delivered to my home, I utilized "My Choice" a UPS service. I asked and paid for the package to be re-directed to my daughters address.

I was informed that it would be delivered on 10 April. I received and update from UPS that the package would be delivered sometime durinng the day on 9 April. I could not leave to spend the day with my family as I had to remain at the house to sign for it. Never arrived!

I received and email update that there was a delay and it would be delivered on 10 April. Another day I had to stay at the house to sign for it. Again, NEVER arrived. Now I'm really getting pissed.

This morning I check my email and see a notification from UPS that the package was returned to the shipper (no apparent reason, other than a complete failure of the system). I contacted UPS and was told that I would receive a phone call from the local UPS office before 10 am today. THis was at 7 am. It is now 9:30 am and still no call.

I know that when they call (probably right at 10 am) they will indicate that there is nothing they can do and that I should contact the shipper. First of all, they should tell you that they will calll you back at the latest possible time and second, I still have no resolution!

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Naperville, Illinois, United States #1179270

UPS is abusing their "My Choice" service and asking signature for every single deliveries.

I basically refuse to sign any package that sender doesn't require a signature. If the package get returned, sender is not likely to use UPS anymore.


I can't even create an account! First it tells me "service not available", then when I tried again, it tells me that I already have an account?

When I log in I just get into My UPS, and I still have to register AGAIN for My Choice (only it won't let me because it already has my address). The website sucks so bad I gave up.

It's a never-ending loop. What the @#$%!!!

to Web***s worse than healt Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1010851

I agree with you 100% for three years I have gone to the tragedy of my choice I tried changing my name my email address my phone number the only thing I haven't changed is my physical address I go to the password process make up a whole new one then they say not enough capitals no you can't do this but you got to do that you spent over an hour refilling out that form and there's always something wrong with that form and then they get to the end of it and you finally get through that it says somebody with your name or address is already in our system but they give you no way to delete that and reenter new information no send me password no reset username no nothing just tell so then you write a nice big sharpie note on the inside of your window saying please leave package next door being the value of the bed being the value of the package is only five dollars and then the *** won't leave it and returned it to sender this company really does suck when I hear somebody is sending me something UPS it's it's like getting hit in the head with a ball peen hammer and then punched in the mouth and then kicked in the cojones just for good luck

Miami Beach, Florida, United States #792303

I used the service. Paid 5 bucks to have the package delivered to the UPS Store which is a few blocks from home.

Went in the next day to get the package and they tried to get 10 dollars more out of me. UPS was no help, claiming to not be affiliated with the UPS Stores despite an identical logo. Refused to even refund my 5 dollars. I let the UPS store keep the package.

They will incur more headaches than if they had just handed it over to me.

to UP***ks Surprise, Arizona, United States #793451

No, the store will just send it back to the shipper. They already had their headache, you.

If the parcel isn't properly marked the store has no way of knowing if you paid and are within their rights to charge for their services.

In this case ups screwed up,and you don't know the difference but you are still without your item.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #766736

I had a similar problem only I never received any notifications. Ups choice truly sucks!

I will avoid it going forward even if I have to cut back on my online shopping.

It makes no sense for UPS to hook up with the unreliable postal service. :sigh


I had the same problem after rerouting my package to a local UPS store I by chance went by my home only to find the UPS driver attempting to deliver my rerouted package to my home address! Paid 5$ for nothing!


I joined MyChoice because I needed to change a delivery date so I paid the $5.00 and waited all day and night for the delivery to come. I called customer service at least six times and everyone assured me it was on it's way.

One guy said they had until 11:59 pm to deliver it and that UPS has NO WAY to contact its drivers! I find that hard to believe. At 8:30 pm I was told the driver was still out there and I would be receiving my package "any moment". At 9:30 pm I was told that if I hadn't received it yet I wasn't going to.

What happened to the delivery by 11:59 pm?? So this person refunded my $5, like that's what this is all about. I paid to have the shipment on the date I wanted it and waited all day and night for it and got nothing.

So now I spend another day waiting. UPS SUCKS!!!


Hi Crance:

My apologies for the frustrating experience you had with UPS My Choice. My name is Debbie Curtis-Magley and I'm with UPS.

I'd like to connect you with our Corporate Customer Relations team to follow up on the problems you encountered. Please email me your contact details to


to DebbieCurtisMagley #761344

*** you, debbie



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