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This is about the 9th time I have complained about this. There are too many times I didn't complain to even try to count.

Yesterday a package was delivered to my house. It was left by my garage door. No one knocked on the front door to let anyone know it was out there. The item in the box was a $1500 dollar electronic item. It was needlessly left outside, exposed to potential weather changes or even for someone else to take.

My driveway comes to the side of my house where the garage doors are. There is a sidewalk that leads to the front door about 30 feet away. There were four people inside the house at the time, but for some reason the courier couldn’t bother to let anyone in the house know it was there. Due to a medical issue in the family, there is someone in the house (my wife and nurses) practically 24 hours p/day, 7 days p/week.

We get near constant deliveries due to medical needs, and I have complained on multiple occasions, about this very issue, over the last two years. On a couple of those occasions things got a little better for a brief time period but then went right back to the way it was before (everything being left in the driveway next to the garage and not letting anyone know there was a delivery). More than once we have had items rained on and liquid items being frozen in the winter. Each time I have complained I was assured by UPS customer support that a note would be placed on our account and this wouldn’t happen again. Your notes haven’t done any good.

I realize that some of our deliveries are heavy and have multiple boxes. However, I’m not even asking that your personnel carry them to the front door. All that I am saying is that they need to walk to the front door and LET US KNOW that they have left a package by the garage or are about to. Failure to provide such a simple courtesy is lazy at best.

Preferred solution: Come to the front door and NOTIFY US that you have left a delivery outside the garage! Re-read that. I'm not asking you to bring it to the door..

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