Charged $28 US dollars for shipping and handling for a $23 US dollar part and then charged $20 import charge to get the part at pick up location. This is robbery and should be fined.

Other companies like Fed-Ex and Purolator which I use as our business transporters do not charge this import charge on low value made in Canada parts. I will make sure in the future that all company's that I deal with (and that is many US and Canadian company's shipping more than $400 million of parts) do not use UPS for any transporting needs to eliminate this illegal activity


Monetary Loss: $19.

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You can be charged taxes by your own government upon importing an item no matter who the carrier is. It's your crappy Canadian customs charging you, not UPS. Canadian customs are horribly greedy.

to Skip Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada #632304

However, UPS charges a huge charge that is way more than the customs fee. If you are using ebay.

Try and avoid any seller that uses UPS.

It is not illegal what UPS is doing. They can charge whatever they want.

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