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I trust this will be a total waste of time, but it shouldn't be. Whomever receivesthis complaint needs to take some initiative, to READ AND PASS UP THE LADDER WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.

In the process of doing my job, I travel around eastern Colorado quite a lot. I often wondered why I see so many containers with signs reading," UPS LEAVEHERE", or something to that effect.

I don't wonder about this anymore.

We live out in the country, 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. We have 2 families on 1 property, and as such receive many deliveries via UPS. Let me also state at this point that before my present job, I worked as an Ops Mgr for a nation wide LTL trucking company for many years, so let's assume I might have a little knowledge on the subject of high level customer delivery service.

I'll get to my point. Your drivers, with a couple exceptions, do a horrible, and I mean totally unacceptable job of making deliveries to our home. It makes me wonder if your well compensated union drivers receive any, and I mean any, customer service training that they comprehend what so ever. You can't tell it by me, or any of my family.

Specifics , because I realize you want some, are as follows. We have a 600 foot driveway that is built like a miniature county road. In other words, it has little bar ditches on each side, but a nice wide center to drive down. NUMBERONE, your drivers speed coming in and out of our property is excessive to say the least. They seem to care nothing if there may be a child or pet on OUR property, let alone simply being at all respectful. We have a nice gravel parking area at the end of the driveway for turning around, that usually gets ground down to the dirt from the heavy braking needed to stop. NUMBER TWO, in their haste, they will with great regularity upon leaving, speed once again down the driveway, only at this point they will be perusing their appointment chart for the next drop. The evolution of this considerate act is they run off the middle of the driveway, into the bar ditch, tearing it up beyond all recognition with the 6 wheel truck. It's just a matter of time until someone runs smack into our entrance way from a total lack of attention. It will Happen. And yes, we have made repeated friendly attempts at remediation of this on going problem. With drivers only, up to this point.

So let me ask you, "whom do you think has the privilege of having to go out with rake and shovel to fix the mess"? Not the people from UPS, I'll tell you that.Gets a little old don't you think? The thing is, this is completely preventable and inexcusable. Doesn't do a lot to build my esteem for "what brown can do for me"It happens a lot! We've finally reached the point where we're saying, NO MORE!Are we getting the picture here?

The driver who delivered today, 05/30/14, his name was Chris, and he was out of Colorado Springs. He said his boss name was Ben. I want this driver reprimanded for speeding, and being disrespectful when I called him to task.The tracking number 1Z 202 R16 03 8356 3961.

I want to hear back in short order from the UPS regional manager on this issue. If I get blown off, I'm going straight to corporate. Be assured I am not some*** malcontent. We are hardworking, self reliant Americans, who go out everyday and get it done the right way.

We require the same in return. All decent people should.

Jeff Huddy6050 McClelland Rd.Calhan, CO. 80808719-683-9328

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

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Calhan, Colorado, United States #830514

Jeff is not very bright.

Richardson, Texas, United States #822468

This is a Website UPS has nothing to do with.

Posting all your personal info on a public acess website may not be a good idea.

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