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They just don't seem to care that they are in the business of delivering stuff to their customers. The whole experience of me receiving a package has been horrowing to say the least. and no amount of calls and mails help - and they genuinely try to *** of the customer is the feeling i get.

Have enclosed some communication i had with them to give an idea.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Sir / ma'am,

With reference to below mail

Have noted your concern and forwarded to our operation team

We ensure confirmed revert on the delivery status at the earliest

We regret for inconvenience caused

Thanks and regards,VaishaliCustomerBy Email 12/08/2013 01.03 PMHi,

I am at loss of words - that you don't have a track of what is happening. I have spoke to your customer support line multiple times on this and it disappointing to know you have no track of it-

I had visited your branch in Hyderabad - Begumpet on 2nd of Aug and had left my business card - i was promised the delivery on Monday , 5th Aug between 12-12:30 and when i did not get the same i called up your Hyd Branch numbers and some security guy picks up after trying for 15 min and says that i need to call the customer support - this is inspite of customer support advsing me to contact branch. No amount of explanation was sufficient for him to give the phone to the concerned person or share there number.

When i called the customer care on the same day afternoon - i was promised a call back for the delivery and when the call did come he said he will deliver at 5 PM - i had requested him to deliver before 4:30 as i was supposed to travel that day. For which i was promised a call back and that call never came and when i try calling back the number no one answers- finally the guy lands at my office at around 8 PM after i left. I did speak to him and asked for an explanation for such a negligent behavior and requested that i wanted to speak to concerned person who is in charge of this operations/ customer service - but as usual i did not get any proper response or the update.

Then one fine day - the delivery guy lands again at the office - and when i insisted that i need to speak to the concerned person before i accept the delivery - he just refuses to understand and acknowledge and goes back without delivering the parcel.

I think the whole experience has been nothing short of a torture and it is ironical that no body even cares for the customers.

Request you to please advise for the resolution and suggest how i can take this up further for the deficiency of the service on part of UPS.

Note : I do not have any more time and patience to write to any more people on this and expect that this issue is resolved to the best of my expectations.


On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 6:06 PM, custsvcinen@ups.com wrote:

Response (Vaishali Lakhani) 12/08/2013 08.36 AMDear Sir / ma'am,

Please accept our apologies for the problem you have had faced for subject shipment

Our record indicates shipment was out for delivery on 24th July 2013 but due to incomplete delivery address, same is pending undelivered.

Hence we had raised an exception to obtain the alternate instructions from the shipper. But as no reply from their end, shipment is still warehoused.

Request you to please provide complete address for delivery

Thanks and regards,VaishaliAuto-Response 12/08/2013 01.34 AMDear UPS Customer,

Thank you for your recent e-mail inquiry. Our Customer Associates are working to address your request.


UPS Customer ServiceCustomerBy Email 12/08/2013 01.34 AM


Can you please update the status of below shipment.

It has been sheer torture to get a simple shipment delivered as no one takes responsibility and ownership.

UPS Tracking : 1ZA780E1049164xxxx

I must tell you this is one of the worst experiences a customer can have and tbe sad part is UPS doesn't seem to care.


[---001:003006:44759---]Mahender Rakashi

7:24 PM (10 minutes ago)

to custsvcinenI really wish you / some one from UPS understood the issue in it's entirety and given it's due importance to get this resolved. But i guess i am in a wrong place to expect a basic service from UPS. I would really be happy to have the time line for resolution and also know the escalation process to take this issue to next level.

This is the most pathetic customer experience i had in the recent times.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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I have absolutely no idea of what you are trying to say. Why would you email?

Email gets you no help. It is very slow because someone has to read it over then email you back.

If you called the 1800# and ask the automated system for a representative, you would be immediately connected. After that, explain your predicament and if it is a small problem then they will help you ASAP.

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