Got an Infonotice (used to be tracking number) that they had tried to deliver a package that required a signature and would redeliver the next day. I wasn't going to be home, so I thought I'd be nice and just reschedule. I can do it online, it said! Easy! NOT. Their system wouldn't let me sign up for their My Choice program. So I wait for Live Chat. 4 mins it says. Then 7, then 8, then 10...15 minutes later, I get someone who obviously doesn't care, and just tells me to schedule it online. It won't let me. Well then call our Customer Service line and schedule it. There's a charge for that. Really? I'm trying to do YOU a favor and you want to charge me? Fine. Carry around a 90 lb package for 3 days and try multiple attempts, I"m not paying.

I'm all for automation when it makes life easier for everyone, but UPS's system is specifically set up to make even the easiest of requests complicated and/or impossible. THIS is exactly why I switched to FedEx years ago, and if I could get companies to stop using UPS to ship to me, I would.

What can Brown do for you? It can waste your time and *** you off and you still won't get your package when you need it.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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NO KIDDING!I got home from work and they said they would deliver it tomorrow at the same time I wasn't home today.

Like I am going to be home at that time tomorrow if I wasn't today.

If you do manage to get signed up after wasting 40 minutes trying to get a live person on the phone, they will charge you an additional $5 over what they already gouged someone for to change the delivery date.

If you don't want to pay $5 to change the date then you have to go pick it up yourself at their hub center!


I thought they were the ones being paid to get the job done.If I have to do half the job myself then they should be paying me half the shipping charge.


did you want it to go to a ups store?they charge for a pickup because they are a franchise location.

ups has never left full tracking numbers on notices.

the pkg is scanned and then the notice to link the 2.and yes, mychoice is confusing

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #787398

I had the same, exact problem today. Mark my words, this company will be belly up within a year.

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