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Package was sent via UPS next day air, early am delivery to Loomis Ca. The package was guaranteed to be delivered by 9am the next day.

Package was not received by the customer until 1130am, resulting in a delay to an important presentation. UPS was notified of the delay, and their customer service person told me that there was a weather delay in Loomis Ca that day. I went to the NOAA web site, and found that entire day was sunny and 60 degrees, no wind, with unlimited visibility.

I requested they only chage me the standard UPS next day air rate, and they told me the issue was closed. I had another legitimate claim 2 years ago, and it took UPS over a year to reconcile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $141.

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Winterset, Iowa, United States #117144

I do a lot of shipping with all three major carriers. I do not know of a 900am commit time for any of UPS's next day service.

800am for "early AM" or 1030am for normal next day air service. Think About It is right. UPS must send it's air packages to Louisville, KY to their air HUB. I don't know the weather conditions there or between KY and CA.

It could have been bad weather over the Rockies that forced their plane to take a longer route to get to CA. There are several viable options that could have been weather realated that cause your package to be delayed.

Again, not sure where you are coming up with the 900am commit time.

It may be a new service that I am not aware of.

I say this in a lot of posts.........our society has grown used to the instant gratification mindset, where we have to have it now and will not take no for an answer. I don't know the circumstances surrounding your presentation, but I would think that I would not leave something over great importance to the last minute unless I absolutely had no other option.


Listen you friggin ***, I live in Seattle, the destination for the package was California, even the migrating bums know there is an option to either stay in Seattle over the winter, or go to California, both feature a mild climate. NOAA's reports for that 24 hour period of time, along the entire route of trvel, reported no rain, ice, or any other inclimate weather.

Either way, the shipment was late, and the carrier (UPS) should feel obligated to adjust the rate to a standard overnight charge.

My suggestion to you; go out to the the street corner, stand there until you see a bus or garbage truck approaching, and just as the vehicle is passing you, step out into the street. :)


Your package was shipped NEXT DAY AIR in the middle of WINTER. Weather varies throughout regions.

In one place it might be 60, in another it might be 15 degrees with impassable roads. Maybe roads iced over that night and cleared up that afternoon.

UPS Has to have clearance to declare weather delays, they cannot fail service and blame it on an nonexistent problem. Since you are on the subject of blaming people, next time don't procrastinate the presentation and you won't have this problem...

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