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My family flies to Germany for a 3-year tour in 2 days. We have a family pet that needed time sensitive documents stamped by the USDA vet services.

I over-nighted the documents with the payment on Friday for a Monday by noon delivery. At 4pm Monday, there was still no delivery. The package was put on the wrong truck! I cant tell you how tired I got of hearing "someone will call you in response to your urgent message within the hour"!.

First, I only got 1 call back from 4 urgent messages. Second, I got told that if it didn't get delivered by the office closing time (4pm), it will be held til the next business day and will be there by noon. What?!?!?..... Tuesday is our LAST day to get this done!

We have no home, no household goods, and we leave in 36 hours and I need this paperwork in hand at the airport check-in!

In the end, the package arrived at 430 (the daily pick-up time). Wouldn't it have been less stressful to just say, their daily pick-up driver has it and it WILL be there today???

Now, I have to drive 2 hours to pick up these documents myself because there is no time for the prepaid over-night return. UGH......

I will NEVER use UPS again!!!!!

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Crabtree, Pennsylvania, United States #668632

'Cause you don't seem real bright.

How did " the package arrived at 430 (the daily pick-up time)" AND "that 4 hour delay meant delivery after the USDA's closing"?

Your self contradicting nonsensical rants are fun to watch though.

I'm starting to fear for the safety of your children though. You need a zoloft. I was worried about your husband for a minute there, but then I realized he's getting plenty on the side to make life with you bearable.

Sad to be you, I guess. Buck up princess.

Renton, Washington, United States #659734

Look I have a son serving in afghanistan, I get the stress military and their families have to endure, we appreciate your service...but...what a freakin baby you are...shoot you're not even going to a combat zone. Pffftt.

While your sacrifices are appreciated, make no mistake, ups moves MILLIONS of packages a day. Ocassionally one will get missorted and end up not making a time deadline, yours missed by four hours, bummer. File for your guaranteed service refund. They still did deliver that day and frankly you planned poorly if you waited until the last second something that could possibly delay your move. Ever hear the saying "poor planning on your part doesn't necessarily constitute an emergency on my part"? Think about that and take it to heart.

Thanks again for your service and God bless.

to what a drama queen Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #659820

First off, who the *** are you to call me a baby! I have been an Army wife for 16 years and dealt with multiple 'war' deployments since the 9/11. Dont talk to me about having the right to complain! I have more than earned my right to vent

and complan about any *** thing I please! Oh, and we are gearing up to do another 'war zone' within 30 days of reaching our new destination. Don't for one minute "military mom" think you know squat about what the military life is like. If you dont want to hear a complaint, THEN DON'T READ IT!

AND FYI..... this particular paperwork, by international guidelines, CANNOT be completed by your own vet until a minimum of 10 days prior to flight!

... Not my poor planning you ignoramus!

to momofthree2611 Happy Jack, Arizona, United States #660456

You are a whiny baby/drama queen. Sniff, sniff.

Let's get this had 10 days to do the paperwork and you waited until the last day, right? Yeah, poor planning on your part.

In the real world a 4 hour delay on a package delivery shouldn't cause "undue stress" nor the type of unhinged rant(s) shown here. Perhaps you need some psychological help. Here's a hint...most people take responsibility for their mistakes. It appears you have been on the government teat too long and have adopted their ways...pass the buck much? Get that the from the current commander in chief?

I know in your self-entitled world that your sacrifices mean more than those of everyone else, but well, they don't. I mean you have "earned" what exactly? Learned to ride on the coattails of your husband's work and sacrifice(s)? And you know more about "military life" than everyone else in the world? Ha! Sweetie, that's a good one.

I salute your husband, pray he comes home safe during his next combat assignment and hope you learn some day that in the real world, it's not all about you.

to Thanks for proving me right Port Charlotte, Florida, United States #660506

You want to talk about psychological help?!? You are the one with nothing better to do than troll on this website to shoot your mouth off when you don't agree with a strangers opinion.

While you are starting an argument due to MY self entitlement, take a good long look in the mirror; assuming it won't crack. I did this process 8 days prior because my vet couldn't see me before then. AND that 4 hour delay meant delivery after the USDA's closing!

Yes, I do presume to know real military life more than a mommy. You simply miss your kid; I as a wife with children, hold down an entire household keeping things running and as normal aa possible for my babies. You willow NEVER understand what that is like... for that you are lucky!

So it is you that sounds self etitled and all because you birthed a military man who is now grown and his own entity. You take the credit for whatthe your son does protecting this country.... how sad! Ho find yourself a real life lady, and stop presuming to know about *** that doesn't even concern you!

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